About Us


“At Binge Kitchen, it’s not about us. It’s about providing San Marcos with delicious food that doesn’t harm their health or the environment.”


At Binge Kitchen, our food is prepared with healthy and quality ingredients so that taste is never compromised. Our food is made to order and primarily prepared by hand and in house to ensure you are getting only the freshest food. Our goal is to encourage others to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle and we believe the best way to do that is by providing fresh and delicious food options to the community!




We are passionate about health and fitness and strongly believe a vegan lifestyle greatly benefits not only our health, but the environment as well. In San Marcos there was a lack of knowledge and options for a vegan lifestyle, so we invested our own money and opened our first food truck to spread the word. We quickly got the word out and built a loyal customer base of vegans and non-vegans alike! Business was fantastic, but with the birth of our daughter, a food truck was no longer practical. In 2018, we found our new home and re-opened Binge Kitchen to the public as a restaurant.


Our Mission


Here at Binge Kitchen, we believe it is our duty to protect the environment, which is why everything you come into contact with is 100% compostable. From the forks to the drinking cups, all our silverware and drinkware are made from cornstarch and our plates are made from fallen palm leaves. Our ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon footprint to preserve not only the present, but also the future.